Feature and enhancement requests

This page lists feature and enhancement requests for Tatoeba. In other words, it lists things that we could implement on the website to make it better.

If you have a request and would like it to have a higher chance to get implemented, please follow the guidelines.


1. Submission of the idea to the community

The first place where you should submit your idea is the Wall. We will not implement an idea without making sure that this is what the community wants, so it's important to talk about it on the Wall.

If you want to have more technical discussions, you can also post in our Google group. But post first on the Wall.

Even if it is obvious that the feature you are requesting is something that users would want, it is good to see how people react to it. This gives us an idea of how much we should prioritize it.

Also, discussing your idea with the rest of the community will help you write clearer specifications for it. The more precisely you can define your idea, the less work it is for the developers to implement it.

2. Creation of a wiki page

Unless the idea is really simple (for instance changing a color or adding a button), you should create, or ask someone to create a wiki page that will contain the specifications of the idea.

You can create the wiki page before you submit your idea on the Wall, and complete/edit it as the discussions on the subject progress.

The point of that page is to define as clearly and precisely as possible what should be done, where it should be done. Don't hesitate to use images to show visually how things should look like.

3. Creation of a Github issue

If your idea has been approved, it will be added to the Github issue tickets.

If you are familiar with how Tatoeba works behind the scenes, you can directly create an issue ticket in Github.

Again, only add an issue ticket on Github if an idea has been sufficiently discussed and has been approved. Ideas where people are still arguing on whether it should be done this way or that way should not be added to Github.

List of requests

Add below the link to the wiki page for the related request. Please also add a short summary (1 or 2 lines), so that people can quickly get an idea of what has been requested already.

Wish list for words and expressions

Wish list allows users to add words and expressions to a list and other users can fulfill the wishes by adding sentences with these words and expressions.

Discussion about this feature on the wall

Don't show unadopted sentences as ”random sentences”

Unadopted sentences are not displayed as ”random sentences” until someone adopts them.

Indicate language skills in user profile

Discussion about this feature is currently ongoing on the wall


Here's a list of people you can contact if you do not have access to the wiki. They will create the page for you, provided you send them the necessary information.

If you have access to the wiki and would like to help with the task of creating wiki pages for feature requests, please edit this page and add your name to the list.


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