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4th May 2014 22:30 Eastern U.S. time

  • who: alanf
  • what:

    • installed unzip
    • added English audio sentences (recorded by CK)
    • added Gujarati
    • reindexed sentences

6th April 2014 19:00 France time

  • who: Trang
  • what:

git update-index --assume-unchanged on some files:

git update-index --assume-unchanged app/app_controller.php
git update-index --assume-unchanged app/config/core.php
git update-index --assume-unchanged app/config/database.php
git update-index --assume-unchanged app/controllers/components/mailer.php
  • why: to avoid committing files with passwords and stuff.

5th April 2014 19:00 France time

  • who: LinkMauve
  • what:

    chmod +x

    sudo ./

  • why: to restore Chinese-related functionality to the website.

29th March 2014 22:00 Eastern U.S. time

25th March 2014 22:00 Eastern U.S. time

  • who: alanf
  • why: add audio
  • what:
    * sync up to most recent commit
        * i18n-ized "edited" word
        * German UI rework (extensive)
    * added audio:
        * several dozen sentences by CK
        * three sentences by LR

23rd March 2014 17:30 France time

  • who: alanf, guided by Trang
  • why: release code on github and index all sentences (release notes)
  • what:

23rd February 2014 15AM China time

  • who: sysko
  • why: wiki: fixed redirect problem after login and added reset password feature
  • what: updated tatowiki on to 0.23.0

11nd February 2014 01AM China time

  • who: sysko
  • why: restored transliteration for most languages
  • what: linked nihongoparserd with tatoeba php code mostly
  • how:

I've applied this patch, it's not yet into the SVN (need someone to do it for me, don't remember my SVN accounts). Also note the romanization variable would be better named transliteration

also I've commented the line return false; in getRomanization file app/models/sentences.php as it's supposed to well... deactivate transliteration (for dev environment)

also commented temporaly all call to sinoparserd as it's not yet restored

10nd February 2014 11PM China time

  • who: sysko
  • why: installed nihongoparserd (service to generate japanese reading)
  • what: compiled source and installed service
  • how:


 apt-get install git cmake g++ libmecab-dev mecab-jumandic-utf8


 git clone
 cd nihongoparserd
 mkdir build ; cd build ; cmake .. ; make 
 sudo cp nihongoparserd /usr/local/bin
 cd ..
 sudo cp conf/nihongoparserd /etc/init.d/
 sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/nihongoparserd
 sudo cp conf/default /etc/default/nihongoparserd
 sudo useradd -r nihongoparserd

start the service


9nd February 2014 10AM China time

  • who: sysko
  • why: reinstall suggestd (service powering tag autocompletion)
  • what: compiled source and installed service
  • how:


apt-get install gcc automake make libevent-dev libsqlite3-dev pkg-config libexpat1-dev libmysqlclient-dev

compiled suggestd0.9

automake --add-missing

make install

after created init script in


and configuration file in


and default file in


then create a suggestd user

useradd -r suggestd

then finally starting it

/etc/init.d/suggestd start 

2nd February 2014 5AM China time

  • who: sysko
  • why: resolve login problems
  • what: used memcache instead of sqlite for storing session
  • how:


   apt-get install memcached php5-memcache 

modified: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

[Session] session.save_handler = memcache session.save_path="tcp://"


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