Note: this page is included for reference only. These bookmarklets have been superseded now that the Tatoeba GUI itself supports linking sentences that are not already directly or indirectly linked.

The first two bookmarklets below will accept either sentence numbers (for example, "1000000") or sentence URLs (for example, ""). To get the URL of a sentence, right-click on a link to it and select "Copy Link Location" (or its equivalent in your browser). Link To This Sentence

The following bookmarklet will let you link the sentence on the current page to any other sentence by copying the latter's number or URL into a field. The text of the bookmarklet follows:


Note: copy these strings (and others on this page) from the text as displayed, not from the markdown text that you see when you edit this wiki page. Characters that are given special interpretation by this wiki's markdown have been escaped above.

Author: AlanF_US, based on a bookmarklet by Zifre Link 2 Sentences

The following bookmarklet will let you link any two sentences by copying their numbers or URLs into fields. It does not require you to be on a page that shows one of the sentences. However, you need to enter the numbers or URLs of both sentences. The text of the bookmarklet follows:


Author: AlanF_US, based on a bookmarklet by Zifre


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