Methods for reporting a bug or requesting an enhancement

The following options are available to general contributors for reporting a bug or requesting an enhancement:

  1. Post it on the Wall
  2. Send a private message to AlanF_US
  3. Send an e-mail to
  4. Send a private message to one or more of the administrators

If you want feedback from others (for example, to find out whether they've seen the same error), post a message on the Wall. Otherwise, sending a private message to AlanF_US is probably best, as he will ensure that it gets into the tracking system. However, you can always send a message directly to the administrators via or private message.

Each item below that has been converted into a ticket in the tracking system is followed by an italicized number preceded by a pound sign (e.g., #123).


  1. Restore old Wall messages. (Scott, Wall.) Response from sysko: this will happen with the new Wall, which will arrive before the new Tatoeba. In the interim, requests for the raw data (for searching) can be sent to him. #375

  2. In Hebrew, sentence-final punctuation does not always appear at the end of the sentence for all users. (karstenenh, Wall) #376

  3. The English interface should say "Sentences in [Language A] not translated into English" rather than "Sentences in [Language A] not translated in English" (AlanF_US, Wall) #377

  4. Nonexistent anchor in FAQ: the FAQ page has a bullet item at the top entitled "How to change the language of a sentence", but the anchor doesn't exist. (AlanF_US, Wall) #378

  5. The "how to be a good contributor" wiki page refers to a missing image. (AlanF_US, private message to sysko) #379

  6. The Hiragana 'つ' (small TSU) when converted into Romaji does not duplicate the following letter. See example: それはとってもいい 話   だ sore ha totemo ii hanashi   da Should be: 'tottemo' instead of 'totemo' sore ha tottemo ii hanashi   da (NeverFollow, Wall) #380

  7. Hiragana character not converted into Romaji 特急しらさぎに乗り換えて敦賀まで約30 分。 tokyuu shira sa ぎ ni norikae te tsuruga made yaku 30 fun . "After transferring to the Shirasagi special express, you’ll arrive at Tsuruga in around 30 minutes." (NeverFollow, Wall) #381

  8. On the wiki main page, in the right sidebar, under "Article available in:", the first item is "Deutsh". It should be "Deutsch". (AlanF_US, private message to Trang and sysko) #382


  1. Make threads on the Wall collapsible. (AlanF_US, Wall.) #383

  2. Place links to "Help" and "FAQ" at the top of the page, not at the bottom. (AlanF_US, Wall) #384

  3. Indicate register (degree of formality) of a sentence, perhaps via tags, perhaps in some other way. (webmistusik, Wall) #385

  4. Make tags translatable. (sacredceltic, Wall) #386

  5. Search online for sentences with specific tag combinations (e.g., "@needs native check" and "OK"). (AlanF_US, Wall) More generally, allow an advanced search with any combination (including exclusion) of tags, Sphinx-type search terms, owner, timestamp, and language. #387

  6. Impose mail limits on new users in order to reduce spam. (shanghainese, Wall) #388

  7. Add captchas for registration of new users. (Guybrush88, Wall) (The thread goes on to suggest other ideas, such as a requirement to post a certain number of sentences.) #389

  8. Select list for a sentence instantly rather than requiring OK button. (FeuDRenais, Wall) #390

  9. Make a new option "Display orphan sentences" in the settings page and set it "off" by default. (tommy_san, Wall) #391

  10. Display owner (if any) next to sentence in more contexts. For instance, display it next to each translation of a sentence in a list of sentences (e.g., sentences in English not translated into language X). (AlanF_US, Wall) #392

  11. Segregate sentences by learners from sentences by natives. This can be done either via a two-category approach (natives and non-natives) or via a rating on a scale. (alexmarcelo and others, Wall) #393

  12. Make it easy to request translations of specific sentences by natives. (tommy_san, Wall) #394

  13. Rolling over a tag should show username rather than (or in addition to) user number (ID) of contributor who left tag. (AlanF_US, Wall) #395

  14. Provide a function that lets you search for existing duplicates or near-duplicates of a sentence that you're about to submit, ideally without disturbing your workflow. (AlanF_US, Wall) #396

  15. Improve handling of sentences to which an OK tag currently cannot be added. (AlanF_US, Wall) #397

  16. Allow unsubscribed users to see the sentences of a particular user. (tommy_san, Wall) #398

  17. Improve the algorithm used to automatically identify languages. (sacredceltic, Wall) #399

  18. Bring up a randomly generated page within a set (e.g., English sentences with audio not translated to Portuguese). (marcospcruz, Wall) #400

  19. Offer an option to let automatic notifications go to one's Tatoeba mailbox (private message inbox) instead of or in addition to an external mailbox.(AlanF_US, Wall) #401

  20. Offer an online method to search the Wall for a string. (AlanF_US, Wall) #402

  21. Offer an online method to search one's Tatoeba mailbox for a string. (AlanF_US, Wall) #403

  22. Send automatic notifications for a wider variety of events, including when translations are linked to or unlinked from one of the sentences that I own. (AlanF_US, Wall) #404

  23. Display a list of all tags sorted alphabetically, not only by frequency. (AlanF_US, Wall) #405

Documentation requests

  1. Describe the best practice for dealing with a faulty unowned sentence. (AlanF_US, in response to sysko, Wall)


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