How to contribute under CC0

When contributing to Tatoeba, your sentences are by default redistributed under CC BY 2.0. However, you also have the option of contributing under CC0 1.0.

Because this feature is still new, you will need permission to access it.

Requesting access

  • Contact Trang via private message.
  • Simply write "CC0" for the title of the message.
  • Explain briefly why you prefer to use CC0 instead of CC BY. This is mostly to ensure that you have a basic understanding of these licenses and are not just making a random decision.

The license feature

Once you are granted permission for CC0, you will see new elements on the website.

  • On the page to add new sentences, you will see a dropdown to choose the license.
  • On the sentence's page, you will see also see a dropdown to switch the license of your sentences.
  • Finally, you will be able to access a page to switch the license of all your sentences (for sentences that are eligible).

Limitations of the use of CC0 in Tatoeba

The CC0 license is currently usable only on what we call "original sentences". Those are sentences you have created yourself.

You cannot use CC0 on translations. Translations are considered derivative work and their license needs to be compliant with the original sentence's license.

You cannot use CC0 on audio. Our audio recordings are created by reading the sentence's text. Audio recordings are derivative work as well. As with translations, the license of your audio must be compliant with the text's license.

The general rules are as follows:

  • If the original work is CC-BY, the derivative work cannot be CC0.
  • If the original work is CC0, the derivative work can be CC0, CC-BY, or any other license.

While it should logically be possible to use CC0 for the translations or audio of a CC0 sentence, we have not yet implemented this possibility in Tatoeba. We will consider it once we have a larger number of CC0 sentences.


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