Perhaps you would consider offering your audio files for offsite use, too, with a Creative Commons License.


If you do not choose a license, then the default is "no license for offsite use."

The most popular license at this time on is CC BY-NC 4.0 .

After April 2022

For some reason, the default was changed from an opt-in to a license to a CC BY 4.0 license by default. This means that you may want to change this right away if you are a new audio file contributor.

See the "license" under "My Audio."

Choose the license that you want.

At this time, I think the most popular license is CC-BY-NC 4.0. This means that people cannot use your audio file for commercial purposes (to make money).

I would recommend choosing "no license for offsite use" if you are not sure at this time.

You can always give more rights in the future, but it is not good to take away rights after you've given them. People might consider that unethical.

How to Set Which License You Want on for Your Audio

To choose a license, go to your "my audio" page, to make the change on the right side of the page.

Also, send CK a message letting him know, so he can change your audio list name.

See all the audio list names.

Example of How Members Have Written About Their Licenses in Their Profiles

Here are a few examples

See Licenses Chosen by Some Members

See the list of audio lists to see what license, if any, that members have offered their files for use outside of


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