How to delete your account

What you have to do to delete your account

We have not implemented a button anywhere for you to delete your account because this feature would be a bit tricky. However, you can get your account deleted the following way:

  1. Write somewhere in your profile "I want to delete this account".
  2. Send an email to with the title "Account deletion", your username, and a link to your profile.
  3. Optionally, tell us why you decided to delete your account.

WARNING: It can take us a lot of time to delete your account. We apologize for this.

What will happen if you ask to delete your account

Complete deletion

If you have simply created an account, but never used it to make any contributions, we will delete it completely, and it will be as if you had never registered.

Partial deletion

If you have made contributions via your account, deletion can be a bit complicated.

By default, we will only set your account to "inactive", mostly for reasons of attribution and intellectual property. If we really deleted your account, there would be no trace of you as the author of all the contributions.

It is your responsibility to erase any information that you do not want to remain. The only information that you will not be able to erase yourself is:

  1. Your email address. However, you can change it to a fake address.
  2. Your username. You can ask us by email to change it into something less identifiable (for instance "user002") if that is your wish.

If you have trouble deleting some information, you can ask us for assistance. But you should know that there is some data that we will not delete unless you have a good reason for it.

  • We will NOT delete your sentences. We will transfer them to another member of Tatoeba when we find a volunteer to adopt them. Until we find a new owner, they will remain in your inactive account.
  • We will NOT delete your comments on sentences. You may delete them yourself, but take into consideration that deleting your comments can make a discussion confusing.
  • We will NOT delete your messages on the Wall.


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