This is a weekly worklog to track pallavshah' progress on his GSOC project

Current week's TODO list (Week 9):

  • Backup/Restore
  • Restore to nth stable state
  • Make imoutu production server ready

Previous work

Week 1 (19-05-2014 to 25-05-2014)

  • Create basic playbooks structure for the ansible project
  • Write playbook to set-up basic stuff on the server (update apt cache, install pip, install python modules, etc. )
  • Write playbook to set-up LEMP (nginx, mysql and php5)
  • Write playbook to set-up codebase on the server machine and get the basic development site running

Week 2 (26-05-2014 to 01-06-2014)

  • Continue writing playbook to set up codebase (implenting the approach discussed with lool0, liori and gillux)
  • Write playbook to install and set-up sphinx
  • Look into ansible templating system
  • Write playbooks for external services

Week 3 (02-06-2014 to 08-06-2014)

  • Write templates for config files
  • Write playbooks for external services (continued..)
  • Write a common playbook that invokes 'roles' to perform different tasks
  • Test the whole playbook on a new machine

Week 4 (09-06-2014 to 15-06-2014)

  • Modify ansible playbook(s) to work with vagrant
  • Provision a debian vagrant box using the above playbook
  • Push project source on github
  • Write readme for basic usage
  • Start working on (possibly finish as well) creating our own debian-wheezy base box using veewee

Week 5 (16-06-2014 to 22-06-2014)

  • Rigorous testing of imouto-devel
  • Fix bugs/issues
  • Breakdown the existing roles into further sub-roles
  • Try to enforce idempotence in the playbook (skipped)
  • Create other small playbooks for smaller tasks
  • Start working on modifying playbooks for production purposes

Week 6,7 and 8 (23-06-2014 to 13-07-2014)

  • Documentation for imoutu-devel
  • Create playbooks for post provisioning tasks (updating code and indexing)
  • Import all the scripts in docs/database/updates in the db instead of just the latest one
  • Update documentation on github for post-provisioning playbooks
  • Catching up ;-)


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