Installing and Configuring Bazaar

This page describes how to install Bazaar, the source control system used by Launchpad, where we used to store our UI translation files. We now store them at Transifex.

At the moment, we only give instructions for installation on Windows. There is also a bzr package on Linux, however.

If you have not already registered at Launchpad, do so now. Ask Trang ( to add you add to the tatoeba-maintainers group.

Uploading an SSH key

  • Go to Launchpad, then go to your user profile page (by clicking on the user icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page).

  • Click the yellow edit icon next to "SSH keys:". Click it.

  • If you have not already created an SSH key, you can use ssh-keygen to create one on Linux (for instance, on the Linux VM where you run Tatoeba), or you can use PuTTYGen to create it on Windows. Or follow the instructions on the Launchpad site.

  • Launchpad expects a public SSH key of the form:

    ssh-rsa <string of random chars> tatoeba@tatovm

It does not want one of the form:

Comment: "imported-openssh-key"
<string of random chars>

Copy the appropriate key into the text box.

Installing and Configuring Bazaar Explorer

  • Download Bazaar Explorer onto your Windows machine.

  • Click on "Get project source from elsewhere".

  • Click on "Branch".

  • Fill in "From" as follows:

  • Set your "To" field to the path where you want your repository.

  • From the first popup, choose "Yes".

  • From the "Initialize" popup, choose "OK". Code should be downloaded to the location you indicated.

  • Install Pageant if you do not already have it on your machine.

  • Run Pageant.

  • Right-click on the icon with a black hat in the far right of your bottom toolbar.

  • Select "Add key".

  • Copy in your private key.

  • Enter your passphrase.

  • Under Settings -> Configuration -> Branch Configuration, set the values as follows:

    parent_location = push_location = lp:tatoeba


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