UI Translation - FAQ

The user interface (UI) for Tatoeba is available in several dozen languages. You can select from them by using the drop-down list in the upper right-hand corner of any Tatoeba page. We use the Transifex platform to coordinate the translations from English (the source language) into other languages. This page addresses questions asked about this work.

1. What's Transifex?

Transifex is the platform we use to translate the UI. You can register there for free.

2. How can I join Tatoeba there?

Once you register on Transifex, browse for "Tatoeba". Alternatively, follow this link: https://www.transifex.com/tatoeba/tatoeba_website/dashboard/. It will redirect you to this page:

localization activity

From there, choose the team(s) / (language(s)) you'd like to translate into.

3. What if my language is not there?

Contact Ricardo. See Resources for futher questions below. He'll check whether your language is supported by Transifex or not, add you to the team(s) and keep you updated. In your email, please tell him your username on Transifex and the language(s) you want to translate into.

4. What's the source language?


5. How do I translate the UI once I'm accepted?

Once you're accepted, click on the "Translate" button at the top right of the page. It'll open a page like this:

select resource

As you might have noticed, there are four categories of strings:

admin.pot - Strings displayed only to admins.

countries.pot - List of all countries in the world (as used in contributors' profiles).

default.pot - All strings used on the website, such as "Wall" or "Add sentences".

languages.pot - Used whenever we should choose a language to translate from/into, languages a user should add on his/her profile, etc. It lists all languages Tatoeba supports.

Once you've clicked on any them, you'll see something like this:

sample resource

If you want to check untranslated strings, please make sure you've clicked on "untranslated".

6. Should I use formal or informal language?

Use formal but friendly language. Try to match the level of formality of the English.

7. When do the Tatoeba English strings get updated?

Tatoeba gets updated whenever there is a change to the UI, or a new language is supported. It's highly recommended you check Transifex at least once a week.

8. Is there a way to check how my translation is being "displayed"?

Yes. You should visit the Tatoeba development website. Translations are updated every thirty minutes on the hour and half-hour (10:00, 10:30, 11:00, and so on).

9. I can't translate a string because I don't know the context. What should I do?

Look in "comments" (below, right side) to see whether the context has been described. If there are no comments, contact <a href="https://tatoeba.org/eng/private_messages/write/Ricardo14.%20See%20[Resources%20for%20futher%20questions](#resources-for-further-questions">Ricardo</a> below.) He'll give you some hints and add a comment to the string.

10. Is there a forum where I can ask for help from people who translate into the same language as I do?

Sure. Follow this link or click on a balloon on the Tatoeba page on Transifex:

  • Click on "Tatoeba UI Translators".

tatoeba ui translators

  • Click on the "balloon" icon on the right-hand side.


11. I can't translate a sentence. It seems to be locked. What should I do:?

This translation has probably been marked as "reviewed" and therefore it can't be changed. If you think it should be changed, contact <a href="https://tatoeba.org/eng/private_messages/write/Ricardo14.%20(See%20[Resources%20for%20further%20questions](#resources-for-further-questions">Ricardo</a> below).

12. How can I sign up for notifications for changes?

  • Click over your profile picture and choose "User Settings".

user settings

  • From there, click on "Notification settings".

notification settings

  • In the "messages" section, make sure to check all the boxes. messages

  • Click on "Save Changes".

save changes

Also, after you click on "Save Changes", make sure to "watch" Tatoeba by clicking on "Watches".


To set up a watch:

  • Click on the Transifex logo.

transifex logo


13. Do we have any non-official groups for translators?

We have a non-official group on Telegram. You just need to install the app on your phone and browse for "Tatoeba" or follow this link: https://t.me/tatoebatelegram.

Resources for further questions

If you have any questions, please contact Ricardo14 via a private message at Tatoeba or email him at ricardo14@tatoeba.org.


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