How To Request a New Feature

If you want to request a feature that would be relevant for Tatoeba users in general, please write a comment on the Wall that describes the need you want to address. If you have an account on GitHub (see link at the bottom of any Tatoeba page), you can also consider writing an issue ticket (ideally after looking at the existing issue tickets to see whether one already addresses your need). If, in addition, you know how to write code and are familiar with GitHub pull requests, you can create one yourself.

Please see the guidelines for submitting issues on our GitHub page. While they have some content that is specific to GitHub, and to problem reports, the sections "Focus on describing the problem" and "Tips for writing good issues" are applicable to feature requests as well.

If you simply want to change the display of the site for your own purposes and do not think the changes would be widely useful to others, or if you are told that the Tatoeba development team will not be able to prioritize your request, you have other alternatives, such as writing a user interface theme via a site like Stylish ( or a user script via a site like Greasemonkey.


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