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How to Quickly Do a Lot of Linking

If you are an advanced contributor and want to do a lot of linking, the following method may save you some time.

The "advanced search", introduced in July 2015, has a way that you can easily find sentences that can potentially be linked.

You can choose to "Limit to" sentences that only have "indirect" links in a certain language.

Load one of these examples, then change the language settings, so that one language is your own native language and the other language is a foreign language that you know.

Example Searches

  • Example 1 - Limited to sentences with audio, sorted randomly.

    • English sentences with audio, not yet translated into German, and with indirect links in German. The output sort is set to "Random".
  • Example 2 - Limited to sentences by one native speaker, sorted by last created.

    • English sentences by CK, not yet translated into Russian, and with indirect links in Russian. The output sort is set to "Last created first".
  • Example 3 - Limited to one member's sentences, sorted by first created.

    • Italian sentences by Guybrsuh88, not yet translated into French, and with indirect links in French. The output sort is set to "Last created first" (but reversed, so actually "oldest first").

The 3rd example is a way you can easily link your own sentences to another language you know. For example, Guybrush88 often translates English sentences, but also knows French, so this would be a good link for him to use to help him link matching French sentences to his own Italian sentences.

This is an older way to do it.

  • Go to your settings and your languages in which you are able to link. This way, you will not be annoyed by translations you don't understand in sentences that have 50+ translations.

    • Go to your profile;
    • In the Settings area, click on Edit;
    • In Options, you'll see a field called "Languages". Just follow the instructions under that field.
    • Click on Save.
    • The complete list of ISO codes can be accessed on this page:
  • Browse your sentences in "translate" mode, and link anything you can link. Actually, you can even browse sentences of anyone you want, and link anything you can link.

  • When you're done, you can go back to your settings and erase the languages, so that you can see again the translations in all languages.

This is an edited excerpt from Trang's Blog April, 2011


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