Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is a general guideline of how we expect Tatoeba members to behave for the community to remain healthy.

We strive to

  • Be respectful. Accept people for who they are and treat them with dignity regardless of their opinions.
  • Be understanding. Show compassion and empathy towards others.
  • Be patient. Give people time and take your time. No matter the situation, we are not in a race, we are not in a rush.

We do not tolerate

  • Insults: making offensive statements about a person or a group of people.
  • Harassment: bothering a person repeatedly.
  • Public accusations: stating publicly that a person or is doing something with bad intentions.
  • Blaming: saying that a problem is someone‚Äôs fault.
  • Provocation: writing something that intentionally makes other people angry.
  • Retaliation: causing harm to someone (in the form of insults, harassment, accusations, etc) in response of being harmed by them.
  • Bad faith: lying, deceiving, being dishonest.
  • Sabotage: intentionally damaging the corpus.
  • Spam: posting messages or links whose primary purpose is to sell products or services unrelated to the project.
  • Abuse of the platform: using Tatoeba to spread personal ideologies or personal opinions as if it was a social media platform or a personal blog.

Generally speaking, we do not tolerate any kind of behavior that harms the collaborative and civilized atmosphere of Tatoeba.


If you consider that someone's behavior is not compliant to the Code of Conduct, the first step is to try to talk to this person in private and explain why you found their behavior unacceptable.

You can send a private message to a member by going to their profile page and clicking on the "Contact" button.

We encourage members to resolve issues on their own whenever possible before escalating the issue because we believe this helps build a better understanding between members, which is essential for a healthy community.

We also encourage members to use private communication channels as much as possible because posting comments about someone's behavior on public spaces can easily turn into public shaming, which we do not believe to be helpful in conflict resolution.

Reporting unacceptable behavior

In the event that an issue cannot be resolved privately, you can send an email to or a private message to TatoebaAdmins.

Community admins will decide case by case what is the best course of action to prevent further harm. Actions that community admins can perform in case of lack of cooperation include:

  • Hiding or deleting a comment
  • Editing or deleting a sentence
  • Blocking an account from contributing sentences
  • Suspending an account

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