Tatoeba Day

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What is Tatoeba Day?

Tatoeba Day is a day when users and developers join forces and work together to detect/fix issues and implement features to make Tatoeba more awesome.

If you often find yourself thinking that it would be really nice if Tatoeba had this or that, then you should definitely participate in the event.

Tatoeba Day also serves as a way to give the community more insight into what's going on behind the scenes, to learn about what it takes to get this project moving forward.


The event is currently organized more or less twice a month, during the weekend.

You can check the calendar for the dates of the previous and future events.


The event will take place

  • on the Wall
  • on Gitter
  • on IRC (server: freenode, channel: #tatoeba)

An announcement will be posted on the Wall when the event starts, in which you will find more details about the event. Simply reply to the announcement to take part in the event.

For a more "real time" experience, you can join our Gitter chatroom or IRC channel, where you can chat with other members, or with the developers.

What can I do during Tatoeba Day?

The event revolves around the following activities:

1. Reporting issues. This is about identifying problems and describing them clearly. Reporting issues can be a difficult task to do properly, so please read our guidelines. The guidelines were written for people who intend to report issues directly into our GitHub, but there are tips that apply even if you will report issues on the Wall.

2. Analyzing issues. This is about trying to clarify issues that lack information, and/or suggesting and evaluating solutions. The discussions don't need to go on a technical level. They should just aim to provide enough information so that any developer (even new ones) can understand what the problem is, why it needs to be solved, and what exactly is the solution they should implement (when there are several solutions to choose from).

3. Coding. This is about submitting code to solve the issues. Note that you don't need to be an expert in programming to submit code to Tatoeba. We welcome developers of all levels and we will do our best to help you get started. Please check the guide for new developers.

4. Testing. This is about testing what the developers have coded. We have a dedicated website, which we call the dev website, where you can freely test what developers have coded without worrying about polluting the real website.

There can be other activities. If so, they will be specified in the announcement message.

If you'd like to get a more specific idea of how a Tatoeba Day goes, in the calendar you will find the links to the Wall threads of the previous Tatoeba Days.

Any question?

If you have any question about the event, you can ask it on the Wall or send an email to team@tatoeba.org.


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