Tatoeba team

This page lists the people who are involved in Tatoeba.


People who have access to the servers.


People who work on the code to fix bugs, implement new feature, improve existing features, etc.


People who can change the status of members, to make them advanced contributors, or corpus maintainers, or to set the account to inactive.

If you need to report the behavior of a user who is being harmful to the project, you can send an email to community-admins@tatoeba.org. All the people listed above will receive the email.


People who have access to the Wiki and therefore can create or change the documentation.


People who take care of the audio on Tatoeba.

UI Translations

People who take care of the interface translations.

Social media

People who have admin to Tatoeba's social media websites (blog, Twitter, Facebook).

Everything else


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