User script requests

  • Request 1 (by AlanF_US): Provide the option of not masking all the existing translations for a given sentence when adding a new translation. It's useful to see them to make sure that the new translation "adds value" to the existing ones (doesn't duplicate them, etc.).
  • Request 2 (by freefighter): Provide the option of determining the number of boxes that will open when clicking on the translate button. That would come in handy if the contributor wants to add several variants. Currently one has to wait till the first translation is added and that is generally frustrating at times when Tatoeba is slow. The number of boxes could be determined as n+1, i.e., always one to spare.
  • Request 3 (by freefighter): Add a functionality to translation process which could prevent adding a sentence which is already available within direct, indirect and further indirect relatives to the sentence. Searching the entire Corpus would be outside the capabilities of a stable script, so the assumption is if there is a duplicate out there, it should have a path to the original sentence.


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