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How to request a new language to be added

This article explains how to request a new language to be added in Tatoeba. Note that this concerns the languages of the sentences, not the language of the interface. For the language of the interface, refer to the article about the interface translation.


We add languages based on the ISO 639-3 classification. Therefore the main requirement for your language to be added in Tatoeba is that it can be identified in the ISO 639-3 list of languages.

There are currently 2 exceptions: CycL and Toki Pona. These languages are not recognized in the ISO 639-3 classification. They however exist in Tatoeba because they were added long ago, before the decision was made to follow the ISO 639-3 classification.

You can add sentences before the language is officially added

  • You are allowed to add sentences in a language that is not yet supported in Tatoeba, as long as the language is listed in the ISO 639-3 classification.

  • Note that before you can add any sentence at all, you need to fill up your profile and add at least one language. You don't have to mention all the languages you know, if you know several. You can pick any. Ideally, pick your strongest language among the ones that are available.

  • When you add your sentences, choose the option "Auto detect" for the language.

  • After the sentences is added, if the language was not identified as "unknown" (you will see an icon with a question mark if it is), then click on the language icon and select "other language".

  • If you are adding sentences in languages that are not part of the ISO 639-3 classification, we may delete them.

  • Members of Tatoeba who are in charge of language requests cueyayotl, Ricardo14 and NM30 will regularly be checking whether or not there are sentences added in new languages, and will do the necessary to add the new languages.

To speed things up

To make sure your language is added as soon as possible, you can do the following:

  1. Create a list with the name of the language in English and the ISO code in parenthesis. For example: Friulian (fur). Add to this list a few sentences in your requested language.

  2. Send a private message to cueyayotl, Ricardo14 and NM30 - with the following information:

    • The link to the list that you created. For example:https://tatoeba.org/eng/sentences_lists/show/6242
    • An image that can be used to visually represent the language. The final icon will be 30x20 pixels, so don't choose an image that has too much detail that won't be visible at a small scale.

If you follow these steps, your language may be added within one or two weeks. Otherwise, it can take months.

Pending requests

You will find in our GitHub issues the list of languages that have been requested but have not been added yet.

You want to check specifically issues that are labelled lang-request, although you should also check other issues, in case the language you requested was not properly labelled.

As long as your language is not listed on GitHub, it will definitely not be added, therefore don't hesitate to contact cueyayotl, Ricardo14 and NM30 if you don't see your language in the list.


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