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What can advanced contributors do?

Advanced contributors currently have access to two permissions not granted to regular contributors. They can:

  1. link/unlink sentences
  2. tag sentences

Generally speaking, if we implement a feature that is a bit tricky and experimental, we make it available to advanced contributors before making it globally available.

How do I become an advanced contributor?

This status is given to users who are fairly familiar with the project and have made sufficient contributions to it.

First, make sure you have read and understood the ENTIRE guide to being a good contributor.

Then, inform an admin that you would like to become an advanced contributor. Only admins can change your status.

Current admins are:

[!] Contact alexmarcelo first. He is the main admin in charge of requests to grant advanced contributor status.

The decision regarding whether to grant you the status of advanced contributor depends on:

  • how much you have contributed
  • how well you understand Tatoeba (especially the concepts of "linking" and "tagging")
  • how many other members support your candidacy

As soon as we have read your request, we will contact you to let you know that it was received and is being considered. If you do not receive this acknowledgment from us after a few days, contact us again. After we come to a decision, we will send you another message to let you know.

Pending requests

Below are the list of contributors whose requests to become advanced contributors are still being considered. Some made the requests themselves, while others were suggested by other members.

The method used to submit the request is indicated in parentheses.