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What can advanced contributors do?

This status is given to users who have sufficiently contributed and are fairly familiar with the project. Advanced contributors currently have access to two extra features:

  1. they can link/unlink sentences
  2. they can tag sentences

Generally speaking, if we implement a feature that is a bit tricky and experimental, we would make it available to advanced contributors first, before making it globally available.

How do I become an advanced contributor?

First, make sure you have read and understood ENTIRELY the guide of the good contributor.

Then, you have to inform an admin that you would like to become an advanced contributor. Only admins can change your status.

Current admins are:

The decision of granting you the status of advanced contributor depends on:

  • how much you have contributed
  • how much you understand Tatoeba (especially the concept of "linking" and "tagging")
  • how much other members approve your request

As soon as we have read your request, we will contact you back to let you know that it was taken into account. If you do not hear from us after a few days, contact us again.

Pending requests

Below are the list of contributors who have requested to become advanced contributors, or who were suggested by other members to become advanced contributors.

Into parenthesis is indicated how the request was made.

  1. (PM to Trang)
  2. (PM to Trang)
  3. (PM to Trang)
  4. (PM to Trang)
  5. (PM to Trang)
  6. (PM to Trang)
  7. (PM to Trang)
  8. (PM to Trang)
  9. (PM to Trang)
  10. (PM to Trang)
  11. (PM to Trang)
  12. (PM to Trang)
  13. (PM to Trang)
  14. (PM to Trang)
  15. (PM to Trang)
  16. (PM to Trang)
  17. (PM to Trang)
  18. (PM to Trang)
  19. (PM to Trang)
  20. (PM to Trang)
  21. (PM to Trang)
  22. (PM to Trang)
  23. (PM to Trang)
  24. (suggested by CK)
  25. (PM to Trang)
  26. (PM to Trang)