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The Tatoeba Project Wiki

This is the wiki for The Tatoeba Project.

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About the Tatoeba Project



This wiki is the official wiki for the Tatoeba project. It serves three main purposes:

  1. Centralize the documentation for the projects (official rules, how-to, FAQ, etc.), in a website that is easy to find, translate, and update.
  2. Centralize the explanations about the languages themselves, explanations of grammar points, common translation pitfalls, etc.
  3. Have a place to organize and follow long-term tasks on the corpus (for example, tracking the users who are proofreading a particular language, or which public-domain books are being imported).


For the moment, only registered people can edit the wiki, and for technical reasons, the accounts are not yet linked with the main Tatoeba website.

Also, it is not yet possible to create an account on the wiki directly. You may send sysko a private message via tatoeba or an email (, and he will create an account for you. The reason is that at the very beginning it will be more important to organize the future structures and hierarchy we will adopt for the articles than to add a lot of content.

Technical details

This wiki is powered by tatowiki, which is an open source wiki engine written in C++ using cppcms-skeleton and cppcms.